Irish Examiner article demonstrates power of Internet for spreading info online

A school teacher proves just how powerful a tool the Internet can be for spreading information rapidly around the world.


Tangibles in the Classroom

How can Tangible Interaction benefit learning? Tangible Interaction allows students to go beyond the screen and actually physically interact with objects that reveal information on the subjects they are learning. A number of concepts behind Tangible Interaction support this, including the idea of multi-sensory interfaces and support for experimentation. The concept of multi-sensory interfaces is … Continue reading Tangibles in the Classroom

littleBits: Making Building with Electronics Easy and Accessible

What if you didn't need to be an engineer to build electronic projects? What if you didn't even know how to solder or what an LDR is? Projects like littleBits, presented here by creator Ayah Bdeir at a TEDTalks seminar, are turning these ideas into a reality. Watch the video below to see the project … Continue reading littleBits: Making Building with Electronics Easy and Accessible

CIT SciFest

CIT SciFest will be held on in the Nexus Student Centre of the main Bishopstown campus of Cork Institute of Technology on Friday 31st March 2017. Schools from around the county will attend, showcasing student science projects.