Here in Ireland, we have a huge variety of organisations, competitions and initiatives aimed at promoting STEM subjects and improving student learning. Contests such as the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition are huge catalysts for motivating student creativity, while events such as I WISH bring together experts in STEM fields to inspire young people through interactive exhibits and talks. In schools, programs such Transition Year provide students with the opportunity to try new STEM subjects and discover new talents and interests that influence their future career choices.

However, one major issue with this diverse ecosystem is the lack of a network between groups. We believe that building a Community of Practice that brings together stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds could lead to new opportunities for students, better connections between education and industry and overall improvements in how we as a society seek to promote STEM to the next generation.

Our research is specifically focused on how technology can be used to engage students with STEM learning. As part of our work towards answering this question, we are building a Community of Practice made up of teachers, students, parents, industry partners and researchers – a group of people with diverse skills and a shared objective of advancing STEM education. If you would like to be part of this Community, or want more information on any of the above, get in touch with us via our Contact page or through Facebook or Twitter.